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Ticker : VINCE
Pool ID : f8024d90482a3f839c7ee0c2be31ed3ad4be1564f1970bb0db4078f9

Ticker : VINCI (NEW)*
Pool ID : 91d030730d73b037e1c230d6e8bd80c05687c9bf1efbc051de22d803

Why Choose Us

Secure & Reliable

We are utilizing the best security, redundancy and monitoring practices to provide our delegates with the best return possible


Proven track record since the start of the Shelley era

Our Commitment

We are committed to push the decentralization as far as possible.

High Performance

We constantly monitors and reviews metrics to ensure peak performance of the stake pool, translating into higher rewards for our delegators.

Low Margin

VINCE pool charge the minimum possible fixed cost set by the protocol. Our earning are defined by a fair profit margin.


We are truely committed to contributing to the decentralization of the Cardano network.

Commitment to Excellence

We are two individual with a strong passion and belief in the cryptocurrency industry. With our combined experience of 20 years in Information Technology system engineering and cybersecurity. We are committed to push the decentralization as far as possible and to support the cardano community .

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