High-Performing pool on Cardano Network.

Powered by IT Experts.

Ticker : VINCI
Pool ID : 91d030730d73b037e1c230d6e8bd80c05687c9bf1efbc051de22d803

Ticker : VINCE
Pool ID : f8024d90482a3f839c7ee0c2be31ed3ad4be1564f1970bb0db4078f9

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Our Experience

Since Incentivized-Test-Net (ITN), with a combined experience of 20 years in IT and Cybersecurity, ensures availability and security.

High Performance

Multi-Relays (Cloud) for High Availability, at a premium cost, ensures peak block production for high ROA.

Low Margin

1% Margin Fees is one of the lowest on the Cardano network.

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